Akron Borough PA


  John McBeth

Council meets second Monday of every month at 6:30 pm
  Nathan Imhoff - President
  Justin Gehman - Vice-President
  Michael Morris
  Randall Justice
  Thomas Murray, Sr.
  Paul Swangren Jr
  Kleon Zimmerman

  Ryan Cochran

  Susan Davidson - Borough Manager / Secretary

Planning Commission  – meets first Thursday of each month if needed
   Ryan Cochran
   Robert Rollman
   Earl Shirk
   John Taylor
   John Williamson

Zoning Hearing Board scheduled as needed
   Christine Burkholder
   Kay McEllhenney
   Thomas Bender
   Jeff Shirk - alternate

Borough Authority – scheduled as needed
   Susan Davidson
   Pamela Musser
   John McBeth
   Randall Justice

Tax Collector
  Ann Nolt

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Council Committees

Administration & Finance: Thomas Murray Sr & Kleon Zimmerman - Responsible for budget preparation, investments, audit, and other financial matters.

Community Relations: Michael Morris & Thomas Murray Sr - Responsible for improving relations with our residents. Liaison with community organizations such as Lions, Boy Scouts, Library, Rec Center.

Parks & Property: Randall Justice & Michael Morris - Responsible for parks, outdoor recreation, and Borough buildings

Personnel: Paul Swangren Jr & Randall Justice - Responsible for personnel policies, labor contract review, and employee safety.

Streets: Justin Gehman & Paul Swangren Jr - Responsible for sidewalks, curbs, streets, lighting and storm water management.

Public Utilities: Kleon Zimmerman & Justin Gehman - Responsible for water and sanitary sewer.