Property Taxes

Tax Collector: Lancaster County Treasurer

  • Discount amount payable March and April
  • Base amount payable thru June 30th
  • Penalty amount due after June 30th

County & Borough Property Taxes

County and Borough property taxes are combined on one bill and mailed out in February of each year. These taxes are billed and collected by:

Lancaster County Treasurer
PO Box 3899
150 N. Queen Street
Lancaster PA 17607

School District Property Taxes

School District Property Taxes are billed in July of each year and collected by:

Ephrata Area School District
803 Oak Street
Ephrata PA 17522

If you do not receive a real estate tax bill, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate tax office to receive a copy. If your taxes are in escrow with a mortgage company or bank, it is your responsibility to forward a copy to them for payment. If a receipt is desired, you must send a self-addressed, stamped envelope when payment is made.

Questions regarding property assessment should be directed to the Lancaster County Assessment Office at 717-299-8394.

Earned Income Tax

The Borough and School District share a 1% tax on earned income. This tax is paid to the Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau through payroll deductions and direct payment.

Residents are required to submit annual tax returns by April 15 to:

Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau
299 Hess Boulevard, Suite 2
Lancaster PA 17604-4097